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The Best of the Simpsons

No. Episode: Season: Airdate: Writers: Production Code:
045 Flaming Moe's 03 21st November 1991 Robert Cohen 8f08
085 Rosebud 05 21st October 1993 John Swartzwelder 1f01
105 Lisa's Rival 06 11th September 1994 Mike Scully 1f17
110 Bart's Girlfriend 06 6th November 1994 Jonathan Collier 2f04
115 Homer the Great 06 8th January 1995 John Swartzwelder 2f09
132 Bart Sells His Soul 07 15th October 1995 Greg Daniels 3f02
133 Lisa the Vegetarian 07 8th October 1995 David S. Cohen 3f03
146 The Day the Violence Died 07 17th March 1996 John Swartzwelder 3f16
160 Lisa's Date with Density 07 15th December 1996 Mike Scully 4f01
166 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious 08 7th February 1997 Al Jean, Mike Reiss 3g03
170 My Sister, My Sitter 08 2nd March 1997 Dan Greaney 4f13
178 The Secret War of Lisa Simpson 08 18th May 1997 Richard Appel 4f21
190 Bart Carny 09 11th January 1998 John Swartzwelder 5f08
206 Bart the Mother 10 27th September 1998 David S. Cohen 5f22
261 Day of the Jackanapes 12 18th February 2001 Al Jean cabf10
266 Trilogy of Error 12 29th April 2001 Matt Selman cabf14
274 The Blunder Years 13 9th December 2001 Ian Maxtone-Graham cabf21
277 Sweets and Sour Marge 13 20th January 2002 Carolyn Omine dabf03
281 The Lastest Gun in the West 13 24th February 2002 John Swartzwelder dabf07
326 Smart and Smarter 15 22nd February 2004 Carolyn Omine fabf09
346 On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister 16 6th March 2005 Jeff Westbrook gabf05
359 Milhouse of Sand and Fog 17 25th September 2005 Patric Verrone gabf19
377 The Monkey Suit 17 14th May 2006 J. Stewart Burns habf14