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This is the Admin Portal Talk Page. It is used by administrators, assistants, and content moderators to discuss administrative actions, responsibilities, and tasks.

While non-administrators are more than welcome to read, browse, and link to discussions on this talk page, they cannot actively take part in discussions. If you wish to contact an administrator, or if you require assistance with anything else that is administrator-related, please start a discussion at the administrators' noticeboard.


When C.Syde created the Admin Portal Talk Page, he was initially going to allow rollbackers to actively participate in whatever discussions that may someday take place here, but prohibit the participation of non-rollbackers. This was because rollbackers are considered to be a group of more experienced users, and are a level up from regular users. He also did not like the idea of locking the page to administrators only.

However as C.Syde became more used to the admin tools and developed a stronger concept of admin-ship, he realised that his cents as an admin had allowed himself to open his mind to the possibility that locking the page to administrators only, seemed like the best practice. And now that he was an administrator, he didn't see any reason to oppose the idea of preventing non-admins from being able to edit this page.

Apparently his only cents for opposing the idea of preventing non-admins from being able to edit admin only pages were for as long as he wasn't an admin himself. As of the 12th February 2015, C.Syde65 found a solution to allow non-admins to discuss and share their opinions on what goes on with the administrative issues at C.Syde's Wiki without directly getting involved with them.

However the administrative issues were still not meant to be driven by community consent, so while administrators were expected to respond to queries from non-administrators, non-admins were still expected to be prepared if any of their objections or opinions weren't taken into consideration.

Recent History

As of the 6th December 2017, the template which allowed non-admins to bring up queries at the bottom of this page was removed, since it was largely unused, and since the template's creation, two additional usergroups on C.Syde's Wiki were introduced, that could edit protected pages. So the template was deprecated.

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