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A Cranblime is a fictional fruit created by C.Syde65 in early 2009. It is a cross between a Cranberry, and a Lime.

Its shape mostly resembles that of a lime, but its colour mostly resembles that of a cranberry. It is also smoother and less bumpy than a lime is. Its texture and flavour are pretty much halfway in-between. A cranblime is somewhat smaller than a lime, but it is significantly larger than a cranberry.


The above picture is taken from a picture of a lime and changing the colour using Adobe Photoshop CS4 so that it would be the colour of a cranberry.

Additional effects such as the glad wrapping texture, and highlights were also used but were kept to a minimum so they wouldn't appear looking too "artificial and unrealistic".

Additional effects were added in 2016 such as some additional highlights, and vertically flipping the image. The effects added in 2016 were done using Pixlr.

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