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This version of Antonio Monty was created by C.Syde65 during the Christmas holidays in 2015. His creation was inspired by the first time I saw the title "Strangetown Monty" at the end of the Sims 2 Ghost Colours/18 Ways to Kill a Sim/Veronaville Disaster/Ways to Die/ Death Types Guide Sims 2 Machinima clip by AldoHyde.

Initially I believed that the main character of the Strangetown Monty series would have been Antonio Monty, as I didn't realise that Bianca actually survived the lift crash. I have to admit, at one point I even imagined a fake Strangetown Antonio. So that's how I got the idea to create a fake Antonio Monty, and use him as a Bohemian in Strangetown on my granddad's computer, much the same way Maxis created a likeness of Bella Goth and use her as a townie in Strangetown.

This fanon version of Antonio Monty has both fit and fat body flags. Having these flags at the same time is not possible in normal gameplay and can only be achieved with a program like SimPE. This Antonio is voiced by David Boat, and is 25 days from becoming an elder. His fitness level is "7.0" on the scale from "0.0" to "10.0" as viewed in SimPE. "0.0" - "3.3" being fit, and "6.7" - "10.0" being fat. This means that if Antonio is made playable, he may lose the "fit" body flag sooner or later.

This fanon version of Antonio is not part of my fanon Sim player stories. He is just a Sim I created in the holidays for fun. If the player looks at his interests, this version of Antonio has slightly different interests from the real Antonio. I reworked his interests to make them more conventional for an adult townie, as they almost always have 4 points in Sci-Fi, and typically have 4 points in Animals, School, and Toys. He also has neutral witch face paint, a tiny transparent yellow sparkle behind his right ear which can't be seen easily.

Like the pre-made version of Antonio, this fanon version of Antonio uses a pre-made CAS face already in Create a Sim, for the third skin tone for adult males, with the short spiky hair, combed eyebrows, stubble, and vandyke beard. The obvious differences are the eyebrows and nose which use the 17th Maxis face template, the jaw which uses the 27th face template, and the mouth corners which have been turned up slightly.


Image Skill Level
Skill CookingCooking05
Skill LogicLogic06
Skill CreativityCreativity05

Cancer - Big
Sloppy 06 Neat
Shy 04 Outgoing
Lazy 07 Active
Serious 03 Playful
Grouchy 05 Nice

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment03
Food interestFood10
Weather interestWeather02
Culture interestCulture07
Money interestMoney05
Politics interestPolitics04
Paranormal interestParanormal10
Health interestHealth03
Fashion interestFashion06
Travel interestTravel00
Crime interestCrime08
Sports interestSports05
Entertainment interestEntertainment02
Animals interestAnimals04
Work interestWork09
School interestSchool04
Toys interestToys04
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi04

Image Memory Type
Met -Sim- Met Mystery Sim Positive
Became Best Friends with -Sim- Made Best Friends with Mystery Sim Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Had Very First Kiss with Mystery Sim Positive
Had Very First Kiss with -Sim- Kissed Mystery Sim for the First Time Positive

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